Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Missing childhood

While visiting one of my favorite places to go.... the park.... I had a thought and it made me sad a little bit. I remeber visiting parks as a child and there were many children and now there are just a handfule here and there.  This made me wonder about the "childhood" of kids now.  When they get older and look back what will theey remember, what will be significant... Sadly, I think it will for most kids be memories of being overscheduled, having limited physical activity that was not associated with a score board, and parents that weren't really as connected emotionally as they could have been.  This is sad to me, because your childhood is so critical in shaping other areas of your life.  The reference points that you love and those that you want to forget.... they will always be there.  What do you think?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Under construction ;)

Just wanted u to know that I will be posting more and I'm playing around with settings. :) just know I'm not crazy.  Also any topics, questions, or comments you have.... Would love to hear them :)

Btw this is pic from one of my favorite places to eat... Sweet Tomatoe!!!  Nighty night.

Today's yummy lunch

Here was todays lunch:

-Black bean burger topped with field greens, organic ketchup/mustard, sliced tomatoe, and a whole grain sandwich thin.  I will post the recipe for the burgers, bc they are so yummy!!

-Sea salt pita chips. These happen to be Open Nature which is the natural food line at Safeway. I love pita chips that are simple. :)

-Raw, sliced beets. There were some beets left over from a project my daughter did for school, so u know I was happy about that. I'm ok with them raw... Very sweet to me

-Raw broccoli and a kosher pickle

This was such a good plate!!!  I had a really long night and had to take a nap so this was great after a long nap and I was good for the day. :)


Plant strong!

Soooo, I know its been a while, so I figured I would post a little something.  There have been dramatic changes since my last post.  lol  The one that draws the most interesting response though is the fact that I no longer consume any animal products (meat, poultry, fish, dairy, etc).  I personally am VERY settled with this, but I find other people's response quite fascinating.  I guess I never thought about the volatility of our relationship to food until now.  So, if I'm offered something and refuse it then an automatic defense potential is possible from the person offering.  It's no longer then about my personal preference but about that person's wondering... "Am I wrong?" This is just very interesting to me... so I will continue to chronicle this and the other "etc"s of my life.  Have a wonderful evening. :)