Monday, May 21, 2012

Today's yummy lunch

Here was todays lunch:

-Black bean burger topped with field greens, organic ketchup/mustard, sliced tomatoe, and a whole grain sandwich thin.  I will post the recipe for the burgers, bc they are so yummy!!

-Sea salt pita chips. These happen to be Open Nature which is the natural food line at Safeway. I love pita chips that are simple. :)

-Raw, sliced beets. There were some beets left over from a project my daughter did for school, so u know I was happy about that. I'm ok with them raw... Very sweet to me

-Raw broccoli and a kosher pickle

This was such a good plate!!!  I had a really long night and had to take a nap so this was great after a long nap and I was good for the day. :)


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